Hier findest Du ein paar Textschnipsel aus Liedern, die mir recht gut gefallen, zu denen ich aber nicht den ganzen Text abstellen möchte.

I still believe in god. But god no longer believes in me.
Gods own Medicine (The Mission)

So if you want my adress it´s number on at the end of the bar
where I sit with the broken angels clutching at straws and
nursing out scars
Sugar Mice (Marillion)

But everything is still the same
passing the time and passing the blame
we carry on in the same old way
we´ll find out we left it too late one day
to say what we meant to say
The Last Straw (Marillion)

Take good care of what the priests say
´after death it´s so much fun´
little sheep don´t let your feet stray
Happiness is easy (Talk Talk)

baby, life´s what you make it
celebrate it
anticipate it
yesterday´s faded
nothing can change it
life´s what you make it
Life´s what you make it (Talk Talk)

Wise men say all is fair in love and war
And there´s no right or wrong in the design of love
And I could only watch as the wind crushed your wings
Broken and torn, crushed like a flower under the snow
and like the flower in the spring, love will rise again to heal your wings
Butterfly on a wheel (The Mission)